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Hi, nice to meet you!

I’m Darion, an Applied Scientist in the Amazon Web Services Automated Reasoning Group (ARG). I completed my PhD at Carnegie Mellon University’s security lab, CyLab, where I was advised by Limin Jia.

My research, both in my PhD and now continuing in my role in ARG, is focused on determining how security properties can be practically checked on (web) software systems. I have pursued this research question through program analysis and type system design.


Work Experience

I am currently working as an Applied Scientist in the Automated Reasoning Group.

In the past, I’ve interned at:

As an undergraduate, I was a researcher at the UVa Security Research Group under the guidance of Professor David Evans, and worked on the Obliv-C project.


Artifact evaluation program committee member: PETS ‘24, PETS ‘23, ESOP ‘22.

External reviewer: PETS ‘23, NDSS ‘23, NDSS ‘22, S&P ‘22, NDSS ‘21.


Questions, comments, concerns? Contact me on LinkedIn.

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